Monday, April 16, 2012

Sad Croc Monster will haunt your nightmares

We were picking up new shoes for our son at Kiddie Cobbler when I noticed this awful beast out of the
corner of my eye. As soon as I stopped shitting my pants in sheer horror, I wondered why the hell any person in Crocs' marketing department would think this awful thing would create any kind of positive brand association with children. That is, unless the brand promise is "I'm going to eat your face when you fall asleep, if you even sleep again."

There is a certain pathos to the horrible creature, however, similar to Frankenstein's monster. So I submitted it to Meme Generator:

We'll see what the internet thinks.


  1. :-) i think you missed the smiling eyes (the two holes just above the ankle strap) and smiley mouth. :-)

    it does look more like one of those google-eyed goldfish, or a star wars wannabe.

    i can see some 'found objects' art possibilities, though!


  2. Doesn't look like a happy smile to me. More like a needy grimace.

  3. > like a needy grimace.

    like 'i need a hug, puh-leez'? :-)

    maybe if they had dropped the ankle strap down below the chin, it would look better? it is a weird looking mascot.


  4. This is a monstrosity! I will never sleep again.