Friday, April 20, 2012

What does a pedophile look like? #FdAdFriday

I'm trying to imagine the creative session at Herezie in Paris:

Copywriter: ..."and then it's really a pedophile holding his 'thumbs-up' in front of his face"

Art Director: "How do we know he's a pedophile?"

Copywriter: "I don't know... he's a creepy, middle-aged white guy. With a slightly open bathrobe."

Art Director: "Ewww... but is it campaignable?"

Copywriter: "Sure! We'll show that creeps can come from all ages. We'll have a young guy with a beard, a muscle shirt, and... a TEDDY BEAR!"

Art Director: "I guess we could put the same teddy bear in every ad, as a symbol of lost—

"Copywriter: "Yeah, yeah. Whatevs. But we need three."

Art Director: "Why?"

Copywriter: "We just do."

Art Director: "How about a fat, hairy shirtless guy? And he's bald?"

Copywriter: "Does he have a teddy bear?"

Art Director: "No, too many fuzzy things in one ad. He has a tin cup."

Copywriter: "Why a tin cup?"

Art Director: "I don't know. Can we wrap this up? It's almost wine-thirty."

Yes, it's a serious topic. But besides scaremongering, this campaign implies that sexual predators have a "look". They don't. Why is why so many "nice people" get away with it for so long.

Via Ads of The World 

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  1. interesting hair whorls on no. 3.