Friday, May 11, 2012

Don't let your daughters grow up to date our clients #FdAdFriday

Via Adrants
Established Men "is the premier online dating service that connects Young, Beautiful Women with Rich, Successful Men!"

But what exactly are they trying to say here?

Steve Hall ponders, "Is Established Men telling established men they better get their daughters to study so they can get a well-paying job and not end up on the very site daddy trolls for dates when he's feeling frisky? Or is it telling fathers they better make sure their daughters are well educated and ambitious so they *can* end up on a site like Established Men (instead of some other crappy dating site) where, seemingly, all the men are hot and she won't have to be seen with a fatty like the guy on the billboard?"

It is truly baffling. Perhaps it's the sugar daddy site's attempt at corporate social responsibility, like when tobacco companies sponsor youth anti-smoking ads?

Nah. It's just effed.

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