Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Have a butcher's* at the sexploitation campaign of the day

*Butcher's Hook
Every morning, I get up early and enjoy some quiet time reading adblogs. Because the European ones are several hours ahead of me, it means I can get on top of the news before my second cup of coffee. Unfortunately, it also sometimes results in me hating being in advertising before I even get to the office.

Today was one of those days.

Full-size JPEG here

This rather disappointing campaign by BJL, featured in The Drum, is for Rustler's meat snacks. It features Lexi O’Leary (a fictional "butcher's daughter" who has her own Facebook profile) as a brainless sex toy fond of making naughty puns. Well... mostly brainless: The Facebook bio claims she's trilingual.

Full-size JPEG here

From The Drum:
John Armstrong, Rustlers marketing director, said: “Fit As A Butcher’s Daughter will dispel some of the negatives in a manner that will not only appeal to our target market of 16 to 24-year-old males but will also engage people who may not have tried the brand due to their misconceptions."

Full-size JPEG here

Misconceptions? How about the misconception that oversexed women lounge around in their underwear, just waiting for a zitty 17-year-old boy to give her a good boning?

It gets worse. In an interactive video, you can apparently edit her potty mouth. I couldn't be bothered.

There's a virtual butcher shop, too. And a TV campaign that won't load for me.

The one thing I am intrigued about is this expression, "Fit as a butcher's daughter". Is this a UK thing? I can't find it anywhere online.


  1. 'Fit as a butcher's dog' is the original expression.

    1. Wow. That makes me hate this even more. I'm almost surprised they didn't cal it "fit as a butcher's bitch".

  2. I was roped in to working on this ad at short notice; I was just told it would be for a pie company. I'm just absolutely mortified to have been part of something so utterly, gormlessly offensive. It's the worst kind of lazy, bottom-of-the-barrel humour and every time I see it I feel queasy. Never, ever again.

  3. Stop watching it then!! Uptight people just need to lighten up! I don't like sprouts so I don't eat them, simple really!!