Thursday, May 17, 2012

The People of Burning Man

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BoingBoing posted an interesting review today about Julian Cash's portrait book, shot over several years at Burning Man festivals, and funded by Kickstarter.

Since Burning Man is famed for nudity, this promotional video has a lot of it:

The promotional site for the book really gets into the skin. The section "critical tits" features a 30 foot, scrollable, composite panorama of all shapes and sizes of topless women holding hands.

And it ends, sweetly, with a mother and child.

BoingBoing's Cory Doctorow has a copy of the book, and had this to say about it.
People of Burning Man is to be celebrated also for its admirable lack of text. There's very little narration here, because very little is needed. The pictures tell their own stories -- sometimes in a frozen snapshot, and sometimes over time, as we visit with the same Burners over consecutive years (including one woman who appears first in a very pregnant state, and then with a babe at her breast). What little text there is -- a bit of background on the art of shooting portraits in a harsh desert, a little bit of biography supplied by the subjects -- complements the images without upstaging them.
I've never been all that interested in attending Burning Man, since my wife doesn't even like the idea of camping in non-deserts and my potential naked Adonis days are over. But Mr. Cash sure does make it look like a lot of fun.

Read the whole review, and see more exclusive pics, at BoingBoing. (There are also some weird and wonderful sample pages on the book site.)

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