Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Perry Farrell sells out

"Hmmm... maybe I could sell bras as well..."

And with such crappy ads, too.

The aging Jane's Addiction frontman did this series for Dobel Tequila. I guess they figure middle-aged Gen-Xers need a little Lollapalooza nostalgia to nurse while we drink ourselves numb after a day at the office.

Fun Fact: Remember when "the Man" censored the album/CD cover of Jane's 1990 Ritual de lo Habitual, and Farrell replaced it with a declaration of his First Amendment right to freedom of speech?

Well, if you view the embedded versions of these ads at Ads of The World, you'll note that the YouTube versions (which you see here) have been willingly censored.

Oh well, I guess that retirement fund isn't going to grow itself...

Ooooo... edgy...

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