Monday, June 18, 2012

FHM presents "The 100 sexiest women in nonexistence"

Betty or Veronica? Other Betty or Wilma? Erin Esurance or Kim Possible?

Since the stone age,  oversexed boys (and men) have fantasized about women who are figments of artistic imagination, from Venus figurines to coffee mascots.

To fan the hormonal fires, ladmag FHM is currently running a Facebok-based pageant in which users are encouraged to nominate and vote on "The 100 Sexiest Women in Nonexistence".

A motley collection of mythical, cartoon and literary characters, commercial mascots, internet memes, classical art and even pictograms, the list is intended to be a joke.

(The iPhone personal assistant, Siri, is on the list even though "she" is only a voice.)

But with this kind of humour also comes the opportunity to cross a few lines...

As the contest copy says, "This is your chance to vote for the sexiest non-existent woman ever. Lusty logos, saucy statues, cute cartoons: they're all here so get voting and make one imaginary woman very happy indeed."

While not exactly helping the status of women, it's just more dumb, boy humour. Although, I will have to admit — if somebody nominates the Feministing logo, I will be required by the rules of irony to laugh heartily.

Tip via Brands of The World


  1. I would go for sailor moon! She has a huge fan base for christ sakes!

  2. If these are the only choices then I'd have to choose sailor moon. The amount of porn parodies and cosplays this character had... Asian Escorts

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