Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ranch Dressing Vs. Ketchup: Battle of the lowbrow condiments

Earlier this year, Hidden Valley introduced a thickened version of its Ranch Dressing and positioned it as "the new Ketchup".

It's an obvious attempt at creating a new demand for an old product. Sometimes this works, like when Kleenex went from being a feminine hygiene product, to a makeup wipe, to a disposable hanky. Other times, it was just wrong.

In this case, however, Hidden Valley is riding a wave of gonzo food consumption, egged on by cheerleaders like This is Why You're Fat and Epic Meal Time. Why wouldn't Americans want to pour more fat and crap on their fried crap? Seems like a pretty good bet.

To help viralize the idea, they've been passing around this video of Ranch and Ketchup mascots duking it out in public. (Kind of like epic battle from Borat, but without the testicles.)

Meh. I'm just really disappointed that they didn't use the opportunity to have the Ketchup gush "blood" when he was getting whaled on at the end.

Seen on Buzzfeed (as a sponsored story)


  1. spicy brown mustard is #1 - it does not need to fight other condiments.


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