Wednesday, June 13, 2012

McDonald's goes social with its questionable food

McDonald's has done a YouTube homepage takeover in Canada today, and it invites visitors to ask questions about the quality of their ingredients:

The corporation has been pushing a "farm to fork" initiative lately in the US, so I assume this is part of the same strategy.

 I asked (disingenuously), "Is your beef hormone and antibiotic free?" But instead of answering, the interactive ad took me here:

I don't know how they are moderating this board, but I would assume it's pretty tight given the recent #McDStories fiasco.

They do, however, take the opportunity of having a controlled conversation on owned media to answer some of the more awkward questions:

Some are obvious plants to counter well-known PR issues:

While several versions of this question remain to be answered:

Unfortunately, my attempt to re-ask my question failed when I tried to log in with Twitter:

Oh well...

What would you like to ask McDonald's Canada? Let me know if they post your question. (And even more importantly, if they answer it!)