Friday, June 29, 2012

Ugly models don't sell burgers

For the past few years, Hardee's/Carl's Jr. has been unabashed in its use of commodified female sexuality to sell fast food. Nowhere was it as cynical as in last year's "Just the way it is" ad:

Well, it worked. According to Burger Business:
Carl’s Jr. same-store sales were up 2.6% for the quarter, compared with +2.1% for the year-earlier quarter. Hardee’s also posted a 2.6% gain in comp sales despite a difficult comparison with last year’s 9.6% increase. Adjusted EBITDA margin for company-operated restaurants rose to 19.3% from 17% a year ago.
Consumers vote for the kinds of brands they want with their hard-earned purchasing dollars. Want more respectful advertising? Stop making purchasing decisions with your gonads.


  1. Someone's PC fanaticism has blinded him to the obvious: this commercial is tongue-deep-in-cheek, and doesn't espouse the things it portrays. The "hot models" is as serious as the burger bazookas and using your colleague's sleeve as a napkin.

    1. Sorry, but the use of the term "PC" immediately disqualifies you, in my opinion, from getting a serious response.