Wednesday, June 20, 2012

"Update" on classic Coke ad actually a sad commentary on the social age

Are you over 30? Then you remember this ad. It's one of the most iconic jingles ever written, and perfectly summarizes the end of the hippie era, when the shrinking world just looked like it needed a hug.

Now, let's bring it into the now:

From I Believe in Advertising:
In Project Re: Brief, we’ve re-imagined Coca-Cola’s classic ‘Hilltop’ commercial for a modern audience, in the digital age. Fulfilling the promise of the original ad, it allows users to connect with strangers by sending a Coke around the globe to an unsuspecting recipient, making the world feel just a little bit smaller. The ad can be experienced on mobile phone apps in Google’s AdMob network, across iOS and Android devices. Made possible through AdMob rich media ads, coupled with custom-designed vending machines, viewers can truly ‘buy the world a Coke’, with a few taps on their mobile phones. A viewer can decide where to send a Coke by selecting one of many machines located around the world, from New York City, to Cape Town, to Buenos Aires. They can then add a custom text message to personalise their Coke delivery. Google Translate converts these messages on the fly, breaking down the language barrier across countries. A dynamic video with Google Maps, Street View, and composite motion graphics shows the Coke’s journey from the viewer’s current location to the vending machine across the globe. Users can wait for confirmation of their Coke’s delivery, or enter an email address to be notified later. Once the Coke is delivered, recipients are not only treated to the generosity of a stranger thousands of miles away, but they can also say ‘thanks’ by sending a message of their own back to the user. That message is delivered to the user’s inbox where they can read the note and view a video clip of the recipient’s surprised reaction upon getting a free Coke. A gallery showcases some of our favourite shareable exchanges between people around the world connecting over a can of Coke. Today’s technology allows us to make good on a promise Coca-Cola made over 40 years ago, and lets users ‘Buy the World a Coke’ from the palm of their hand.

I want to hang with these cats.

Let's think about this. From a group of people on a hilltop, holding hands and singing together about harmony and togetherness, to anonymous interactions with people around the world conducted through smartphones.

This dude, not so much.

Yeah, we connect with more people now, more instantly and with cool graphics and instant translation. But the word "connect" doesn't mean what it used to, does it?

Advertising Agencies: Grow Interactive, Norfolk, and Johannes Leonardo, New York

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