Wednesday, July 4, 2012

"Watch the games here" poster is an exercise in brand fascism

First, the horribly-designed poster:

What a logo pizza!

This poster is provided for pubs and restaurants in the UK that might want to promote the fact that they are screening the BBC feed of Olympic Games inside.

Want to use it? Get your reading glasses on....

London 2012 Brand Protection: Screening the Games 
LOCOG is aware that pubs, bars, hotel lounges and social or sports clubs may wish to show the Games live on TV screens in their establishments for their customers (subject to licensing laws). 
We see this as one of the ways in which everyone across the nation will be joining in the fun and excitement of the Games, and so long as a few simple rules are followed there is no reason why this should not be part of the way the United Kingdom enjoys the Games, much as it has been for other major sporting events. 
However, it is essential that the unique and exclusive rights of our official Games sponsors, who are our Partners in putting on the Games, are protected. The Partners contribute very significantly to the staging of the Games through the provision of funding, goods and services. Without them the Games could not happen. 
So our rules for screening the Games are designed to ensure that the way in which a business refers to the fact that it is showing the Games does not create an association with the Games. The ability to associate with the Games is a very valuable right which belongs to our Partners, and it cannot be exploited for free. 
The rules allow businesses to download two posters we have created (one for the Olympic Games and one for the Paralympic Games). We are licensing the use of these posters, which are the only ways in which businesses may advertise the screenings, for use by pubs, bars, hotel lounges and social and sports clubs which want to show the Games in their establishments, Please click here to view the terms of use and download the posters. 
These posters are not for use by restaurants (and by that we mean establishments primarily serving food) and are not available to establishments which are part of a chain/franchise business which has multiple locations identified under the same name/brand. 
Our approach to screening the Games reflects the key principles we apply to carrying out our obligations to protect the rights of our Partners. Although we have no desire to dampen public enthusiasm and we always seek to act in a proportionate and sensible way, we are tough on commercial abuse and will not hesitate to take action to address ambush and infringement. Our previous guidance has consistently followed these principles. We take this opportunity to point out that of course none of our guidance should be read as condoning the use of Games references (whether factual or not) in advertising by restaurants or other businesses in sectors directly competitive to our partners, to promote unauthorised association with the Games for commercial advantage. 
Terms of download 
By downloading the London 2012 “Watch the Games Here” posters for the Olympic Games and/or the Paralympic Games for pubs, bars hotel lounges and social and sports clubs (the “Posters”), you agree on behalf of the business or entity you represent (together “You”), to the following terms: 
1. The Posters may only be used as follows:a. Posters may only be used in public houses, bars, hotel lounges and social or sports clubs where it is usual for events to be shown on television for their clientele, whose primary purpose is not as a restaurant, and which are not part of a chain or franchise business which has multiple locations identified under the same name/brand. By downloading a Poster You confirm that Your establishment meets these criteria;b. Posters may only be displayed in establishments in which the London 2012 Olympic Games and/or the Paralympic Games (together the “Games”) will be shown for free public screenings and Posters must we removed from display within 24 hours of the last screening of the Games;c. Only one Poster may be displayed per public entrance to the premises at any one time;d. The Posters may be printed in colour or black and white but must not be edited, cropped, or amended in any way, nor may you superimpose or place any other messages or branding etc on top of, surrounding or immediately adjacent to the Posters when they are displayed, save that, if you will only be screening the Games at certain times, you may place a notice adjacent to the Poster which solely states the dates and times You are showing the Games;e. The maximum size for printing the posters is A3. f. Other than the Posters, we do not authorise promotion of the viewing of the Games at your establishment in any other advertising, including TV, newspaper, print, websites or other media. 
2. The license granted to You by LOCOG to use the digital copy of the Posters is limited to such use and copying as is required for you to be able to display the Posters in accordance with point 1 above. You may not provide copies of the Poster (whether digitally or in hardcopy) to anyone else or authorise others to copy or reproduce the Posters. You agree not to sell the Poster. 
3. You agree to comply with any conditions of public broadcasts imposed by the broadcasters of the Games (BBC and Channel 4 respectively) and in particular you shall not charge a fee for people to view the Games or enter areas of your premises where the Games are being screened, nor shall You impose any other condition of entry (other than restrictions required by law, e.g., relating to age, and for the avoidance of doubt, taking reservations will not be deemed to be a condition of entry unless a fee or deposit is taken to secure the reservation). 
4. You acknowledge that the Games are made possible by the investment of sponsors and that the protection of the intellectual property of the Games is therefore vital. As such, You agree to respect the laws which protect the London 2012, Olympic and Paralympic brands and shall not participate in or facilitate any ambush marketing of the London 2012 Games. You agree that ambush marketing shall include the implementation of any marketing or promotional campaign for You, Your premises or any other brand in connection with Your screenings of the Games.  
5. LOCOG may withdraw this licence at any time upon notification to You, whereupon You agree to cease all use of the Poster.
Are you feeling the Olympic Spirit™yet?

 Thanks to Neil for the tip.

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