Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Empowering or offensive?

Via Ads of The World

This ad was created by an all-male creative team over at MacLaren McCann, Toronto.

Clever visual concept, nice art direction... but is it good advertising?

On the one hand, it is lighthearted and speaks to a third-wave type of sexy empowerment. On the other, it could be seen as demeaning the athleticism of women golfers by representing them with an object that has nothing to do with their sport, and is more about their sexuality.

Yeah, I know I'm over-thinking it. That's just what I do.

But what do you think?


  1. I'm torn. I see your argument... As a man, I think it's quite funny. I take it as sassy and sexy - it's obvious what it is and what it's trying to achieve.
    I also read some glamour in there - not something that's always associated with sport (at least in work that I've seen).

    But I do understand that I'm looking at this as a male... I'll try to get some of my highly respected female contacts to have their say...

  2. I think the equation that women's heels = sexuality and weakness is a correlation you have made. Most women, wear heels and do so to feel POWERFUL. I think this is a smart, visually clever way to interject women into the sport conversation....the other aspect is athlete or not...certain symbols 'represent' women in our society. Heels, lipstick, the color pink....those won't change anytime soon.

    1. I never said "weakness", Marcy. That one is yours.