Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Two more reasons for women to hate Hooters

AdAge reports that breastaurant chain Hooters is "executing a three- to five-year plan to revitalize the brand, and part of that plan is to appeal to a broader, younger audience that includes women."

Bafflingly, they are launching this appeal with ads directed by Eastbound & Down writer/director Jody Hill, placed on male-oriented TV programming, that... make fun of older women's bodies?

The campaign, by Fitzgerald & Co., introduces two goofy owl finger puppets that do the "angel/devil" dichotomy of human nature thing.

Sort of.

I'm still not seeing the appeal to women. Perhaps that's another part of the strategy, the one where they're adding about 30 new salads to the menu. Although, as Eater pointed out: "Maybe all those ladies out there who really like salads and also looking at boobs while eating salads will be into them?"

Here's a totally unnecessary behind-the-scenes vid:


  1. I saw the commercial of the bored lifeguard sitting while senior women are at the pool. I found this ad to be extremely offensive toward older women and couldn't believe that "Hooters" could be this blatantly insensitive. Wow! How shallow have we become? Guess that's obvious.

  2. I was flabbergasted when I saw this commercial. Seems that it tells a story of what our society values!! The thing is..unless you die an untimely death, you will suffer the physical deterioration of the body, it's inevitable. The U.S. has no regard for it's elderly population. What a shame!!! I will never step foot in a Hooter's!