Thursday, August 16, 2012

Happier endings through plastic surgery

Ads of The World featured this rather unsettling campaign for a Venezuelan cosmetic surgery clinic

Who needs a fairy godmother when you can just go under the knife?

I am aware that attitudes towards cosmetic surgery are different in South America. And I get the concept. But the unintended message to children is, at best, really unfortunate.


  1. it seems like the artists made the 'after' people look like hollywood stars?


  2. The blog provides knowledge on the life after going through plastic surgery. A must read post for people.

  3. This is a great concept when it comes to the advertising aspect. The humor was great and I think that it has a high recall for people that would see. It helps out a lot in promoting the positive things that plastic surgery can give an individual.

  4. “Who needs a fairy godmother when you can just go under the knife?”--- Haha! I imagined a knife and that looks eerie to me. Hehe! Nevertheless, this campaign is just trying to tell an individual that she has the chance to look better, to be better through cosmetic surgery. Given the technology that we have these days, anyone has the opportunity to improve themselves. :)

  5. Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with this advertisement. It’s a matter of parental guidance, really. For me, the message is true enough, that in reality, there are ways you can improve your appearance, and that is through plastic surgery. Only, those interested should be cautious with fake surgeons, if they don’t want to end up looking like, well, a frog. =/

    Geoffrey Lelia