Thursday, August 16, 2012

Oyster campaign accidentally promotes dirty BJs

Urban Dictionary defines a salty kiss as, "A kiss given after a girl has given oral sex to another guy. Generally within 15 minutes."

But let's face it — Urban Dictionary is mostly an exercise in creating naughty neologisms that nobody really uses. I'm not sure there's any combination of common words on there that is not claimed to describe an adolescent boy's idea of a funny sexual act.

So good on P.E.I. Fisheries Minister Ron MacKinley and executive director of the P.E.I. Aquaculture Alliance Ann Worth for shrugging off the non-controversy of this promotional poster.

Mister MacKinley told CBC, "let's face it, anytime anybody thinks of oysters at a bar or somewhere, sex does come up.”

Ms. Worth added, “Everybody knows that common words are interpreted in different ways by different people, particularly in the online world. I don't think that we feel that there is any sort of direct relationship to anything, other than wholesome, nutritious.”

Birch Hill, PEI resident Gary MacKay started the fuss when a Toronto friend with too much time on his hands sent him a link to UD. 

“Obviously no one in any of the partnership bothered to check things out or to follow due diligence. Once people start checking, PEI will become a laughing stock of Canada,” Mr MacKay said. “This is an embarrassment to tourists, producers, the oyster and all the citizens of PEI in general.”

Via Tobacco Ave.

Well, not really. Mister MacKinley was right to point out that oysters are, indeed, sexual no matter how you shuck 'em. Casanova famously ate 60 of the unmistakably vagina-esque shellfish for breakfast every day before setting out to cuckold half of Venice.

We're not laughing at PEI. We are laughing with them.


  1. Did Ranter blog about this too? I would be surprised if he didn't, because you two like to knee jerk a lot. The problem is not with the ad, the problem is with you. You spend too much time browsing Urban Dictionary where just about ANY combination of words means something (usually something sexual). I didn't know that "salty kiss" implied a dirty BJ.

    1. Your reading comprehension has fallen short. Do you just look at headlines and pictures?

  2. thanks for sharing.