Wednesday, August 29, 2012

In India, "empowerment" comes in a vaginal cream

With time women have excelled phenomenally in every sphere of life and are over-active and conscious about the choices they make. 18 Again is a step towards strengthening women empowerment. 
Somebody actually typed those words on the 18 Again YouTube channel with a straight face.

Watch this goofy musical ad, and just feel the empowerment:

Here's what 18 Again is, according to their site:

18 Again is very effective for tightening of the Vagina. Along with tightening, it provides vaginal rejuvenation, improves strength and grip of vagina, helps prevent infections, encourages natural lubrication, masks foul odour, reduces involuntary urine escape, improves blood circulation, enhances delays effects of ageing and keeps the vagina healthy.

Yeah, they have a bit of a virginity issue in India.
According to Dr Mahindra Vatsa, gynaecologist and sex counsellor, this kind of mentality is largely because our traditional values are still strongly embedded in us. "One of the most common questions I get, till date, is 'How do I know that my bride or girlfriend is a virgin?' The only answer that I have to such questions is that there is no way to know," says Dr Watsa. 
Oh, but 18 Again has the answer: you just need to be tight like a virgin, not like sleeve of wizard:
Check by placing a finger in your vagina and squeezing inner muscles around it. If you do not feel enough tightening pressure or very less pressure around your finger, you have loose vagina.
...and in that case, you are worthless to men.

So hey! Buy an, irritating, astringent cream that will do nothing but increase your anxiety and self-loathing for acting like a modern woman in a society with a cruel double standard about sexuality.

Not that the west is doing much better...

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