Tuesday, August 28, 2012

This outfit shows a little too much skin... (nudity)

Not the open front. Breasts are no big deal. I'm talking about the bizarre, inflatable tubes and pockets of synthetic human skin.

I am at a loss for rational words. Here is how Suzanne Labarre at Co.Design describes it:
You know how some people’s temples pulse wildly when they’re mad or spooked or nervous? That’s more or less the idea behind Like Living Organisms, by Dutch fashion designers Cor Baauw and Leonie Baauw of Local Androids. A futuristic neckpiece (or dress, depending on whether you think boob coverage is a requirement for the latter), it’s made of freakishly life-like fake skin and has “veins” that beat visibly in the company of other people, then deflate when touched as a “sign of trust,” the designers say.

It was created for the Technosensual show, "where fashion meets technology".

And nightmares.

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