Friday, August 24, 2012

What's wrong with this vampire ad?

When I first saw this billboard, I thought "cool idea to show the two bandaids on the vampire bite, but they look like nipples".

Then I noticed that the name of the submission to Ads of The World is "boobs". It was intentional.

Which is fine, from a "people will look" point of view. But the concept bugs me.

Here's why — the thought process here is two parallel ideas:

"Trueblood is about vampires, they bite necks, two circular bandaids is a cute way of showing that."

"The bandaids look like nipples, and that says "adult"

The second idea is actually the concept. But it requires us to accept the two bandaids as something so common as to be a universal symbol for vampires, requiring no interpretation.

The second ad is much better:

The "sex" read is instant, and the patches add vampire, so the connection is much clearer.

There was also a novelty outdoor installation, which was quite clever:

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