Friday, August 24, 2012

The Sun's latest sleaze — and my 3000th post

The naked Prince Harry scandal has made for some good old internet Schadenfreude, and understandably the British tabloids are all over it.

But, facing a Royally requested "media blackout" on the image in the UK media, the Sun decided that it would be a good idea to recreate the infamous image with Sun reporter Harry Miller standing in for the spare heir to the throne. The woman in the back, however, cause almost as much scandal: she is a 21-year-old fashion intern at the paper.

The Guardian's Lara Whyte wrote:
The image of the 21-year-old intern made me, like many of my female colleagues and friends, feel sickened and sad: sickened by this reminder of the unrelenting male chauvinism of popular media culture, and sad that a young woman was having this early experience of the industry, and that she agreed to do it.
Meanwhile, The Sun decided to publish the real naked prince pics anyway, in the name of freedom of the press. Yeah, sure.


I noticed on my blog dashboard that this is my 3000th post. Yikes!

I started this blog in 2009 as a way to stay current and relevant in a rapidly changing advertising landscape.

Originally called "Change Marketing", it was an unofficial blog of Acart Communications, the agency where I work as a Creative Director, and focussed on strategy and social marketing. Over the years, it has evolved into more of a column on ad and media trends that either delight me or piss me off. But there are plenty of adblogs like that out there.

I have also become more specialized. Since joining Osocio, I have found that to be a better outlet for reviewing social marketing campaigns. And the official Acart blog, to which I surrendered the Change Marketing brand, has become a better place for me to feature strategy and agency work.

I think it's almost time for a new evolution of this blog. I am planning to spin it off into two distinct brands — one for "advertising news, views and abuse" but more focussed on ethics. The other will be something entirely new.

Stay tuned.

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