Friday, August 24, 2012

Truly shitty student creative

The user voters at Creative Criminals love it. Why?  Because there's a perception in advertising that shocking and unique demonstrations of product benefit are the cat's ass.

Look at this mess. The product, Dulcolax, helps you poo. So some Korean ad students thought it would be fun to turn a roller coaster full of innocent merrymakers into a giant turd emerging at top speed from somebody's bum.

Is that a positive brand association? No. People know what laxatives do, but they are uncomfortable talking about it — which is why the ads tend to be full of euphemism and metaphor. But the one thing you don't want your intestinal remedy to do is cause feces to fly out of your distended bum with extreme urgency (and perhaps a little screaming and flailing).

It's not even original. It's been thought up in reverse as a fake Durex ad.

Verdict: Fucked.

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