Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ad features actual women who like Todd Akin

UPDATE: They pulled it. Also, this.

Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin may have lost support of his own party over his comments that women rarely get pregnant from "legitimate rape" and therefore rape survivors don't need access to legal abortion.

Now, in a pretty crappy piece of astroturfing organized by daughter Hannah, "Women for Akin"are trying to bring him the conservative woman vote. Titled "we think for ourselves," the video features a survivor of rape and addiction, women of faith, and women of various ethnicities shilling for the candidate. (And while they may think for themselves, some of them are clearly reading cue cards.)

The strangest aspect of the ad is the woman in silhouette. What is that supposed to mean?

There is also a brochure, archived by Talking Points Memo from a press sheet. It's pretty much the same, but without the mystery woman.

The campaign apparently launches tonight. The URL in the ad and the brochure's QR akin.org/campaign/women, leads to Akin's official site but yields an "access denied" code.)

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