Friday, September 21, 2012

Burger King crashes McDonald's

The Rome (Georgia) News-Tribune reports:

Rome Police were called to the restaurant at 2215 Shorter Ave. at approximately 1 p.m. by a manager in reference to a suspicious person. 
When they arrived, the manager said that a man dressed as the mascot for Burger King entered the restaurant with bags of hamburgers and began handing them out to several customers. 
He danced while inside the restaurant and stopped to take pictures with children. The report states that one child took a picture with him and ran away as he appeared to be scared. 
When the manager approached the man he said he was collecting for children’s charities. She noted that he had not collected any money during his time inside the restaurant. 
The subject then got into a white Acura. The manager saw him take off his mask and he appeared to be a middle age white male with dark hair. 
The tag on the car came back to a 2001 white Acura belonging to a Calhoun man.

Non-sanctioned prank? Probably. The "Woodcreek Faction American Surreal Comedy Group" took credit. But if it had been brand-orchestrated PR, it certainly worked.

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