Friday, September 21, 2012

Racism again rears its ugly head in anti-abortion ads

It's not the first time charges of racism have been levelled at a "pro-life" ad, but this time there was nothing subtle about the message:

Via Tumblr

This was a homemade job, that showed up on the campus of the University of New Mexico recently. And Native American students were not happy about it:

Feministing reports that a representative for 40 Days for Life, who were thought to be behind the posters, denied that they were associated with the group.

Student placards read, “Racism is not pro-life” and “We will not be used to further your political purpose.”

Feminsting adds:
Native women–who face rates of sexual violence that are twice as high as the rest of the country–often severely lack access to reproductive health care. A recent report found that only 10 percent of the pharmacies in the Indian Health Service system offered Plan B over the counter. And thanks to the Hyde smendment, abortion isn’t covered under the IHS or Medicaid.

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