Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Possibly the best maxi pad campaign ever

It started with a Facebook post:

It was probably a plant (although Richard's profile is pretty established) but who cares? Truly funny sarcasm trolling has become a popular sport online, and posts like this do occasionally show up.

In this case, I don't really care about the authenticity of the setup. It's Bodyform's response that rules:

It's funny, it's truthful, and it even squeezes in (or rather, "out") a fart joke.

Oh yeah, and she drinks the "blue water":

Sure, it makes men look kind of dumb in a tropey kind of way. (And they missed a golden chance to make those guys actually look like they were from the '80s.) But of all the efforts that have been made to break out of the advertising clich├ęs around feminine hygiene, this is by far my favourite.

 Gotta love the Brits!

Tip via The Drum

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