Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Glenn Beck selling ethical jeans?

I really dislike Glenn Beck. I think he's full of shit. But there's one thing about his new line of jeans (yes, jeans!) that I like. Try to guess what it is:

Announcing 1791 Denim from 1791 Supply & Co. on Vimeo.

No, it's not the use of history to create a brand. (1791 was the year the US Bill of Rights was ratified.)

Nor is it, as Racked put it, that it "looks kinda like a Bon Iver video."

And it's definitely not Beck's shitty narration.

Got it yet? It's the domestic production.

Even as President Obama attacks his rival, Governor Romney, on outsourcing American jobs, this jerk of a conservative talking head is investing in a domestic garment industry. With labour laws that prevent the exploitation of children and vulnerable workers.

That's a good thing in my book, no matter who's behind it.

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  1. sorry - but i do not pick up that these jeans are being made in america? the voice over says 'they were built in america', not that they 'are'. it sounds like they are trying to tie in to when jeans were actually made in america.

    btw, you forgot to mention the coca cola cameo.


    1. "Our premium 100% Cotton ring-spun selvage denim jeans are 100% Made in the USA. The 13.5 oz. Red Line Selvage denim is woven in Greensboro, North Carolina at Cone Denim Mills. They are cut and sewn in Kentucky in a factory that’s been around since the 1920’s."


  2. okay, it is there on the vimeo page. i was listening for that in the video.