Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Durex China celebrates Obama with racist dick joke

"The difference between Obama and Romney is..."

Twitter is a-twitter with this Durex ad, apparently shared last night by Durex China. (Even though I can't find a Twitter feed for them.) It did, however, appear on last month, where it can be tracked back to Durex China's Sina Weibo account.

"Weibo" means "microblog" and Sina Weibo is the most popular platform, with about 368 million registered users.

So the ad is apparently real. But it probably wasn't intended to be seen outside China. However, when it started being Tweeted this morning, it lost its provenance as it went viral. (I spotted it on a few friends' Facebook feeds.)

Nonetheless, can we get over obsessing about black men's penises now?


  1. Err... you DO know that twitter is forbidden in China? And that Weibo IS basically China's twitter? (Not the same brand obviously or company, but exact same function and as ubiquitous) So the official Durex China account would be weibo. If it's twitter, it is usually fake cause not accessible for the actual intended audience.

    1. Yes, I found that out later. Thanks, Kat.

    2. Cool. Something else though: I don't think I see the racist part... I would if this was not Chinese. You have no idea how often relatively random people have made comments on how Western (White) men's penises are larger than Chinese ones in Beijing. So I think this is different than if it was in an American context.

      Oh- and I LOVE your site! :)