Thursday, November 1, 2012

Larry Flynt offers Richard Mourdock $1 Mil to pose... as a Christian

Via Copyranter

Larry Flynt, longtime porn entrepreneur, is also known for his hatred of conservative politics. Back in 1983, he was sued by televangelist Jerry Falwell for a parody ad that implied the preacher had lost his virginity with his own mother. This September, he offered to pay $1 Million to anyone who could produce Mitt Romney's tax records.

Now, he's offering $1 Million to US Senate Candidate Richard Mourdock to prove his claim that women should not be allowed to get abortions in cases of rape because the pregnancy was something "God intended to happen." The ad ran as a full-page in the Indianapolis Star, reaching the candidate's own voters.

Back in the '70s, Larry Flynt used his million-dollar offers as publicity stunts for his magazine, Hustler, pitching the amount to famous women if they would do a hardcore spread in his mag. The list included Barbara Walters, Cher, Gloria Steinem, Mary Tyler Moore and Patty Hearst, among others. (He recently cut the offer to $500 K for accused child murderer Casey Anthony.)

This stunt is obviously intended to keep the smut baron on the media radar. But at least he's using his outrageous stunt for the good of women this time.

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