Thursday, November 29, 2012

Microsoft's new value proposition: IE 10 sucks... less

This new ad is part of Microsoft's new ironic campaign for Internet Explorer 10, "The Browser You love(d) To Hate".

The responsively-designed campaign site is full of weird self-deprecating content about people's perceptions of previous IE releases, while pushing the line that new IE is completely different.

It also stuffs in as many pop culture references as possible around the message of "comebacks".

I have to say, I admire the campaign's bold and unconventional approach. I'm a ad guy, though, not a tech one. So I'll let The Verge have the final word:
The approach is fresh, but Microsoft faces some significant challenges against an increasingly popular Chrome browser and offerings from Mozilla and Apple, all of which offer varied and additional features. Internet Explorer is hovering at around 50 percent market share worldwide, so it's certainly time that Microsoft attempted to reverse the bleed it has experienced over the past several years. But, will it work?


  1. You quoted The Verge "Internet Explorer is hovering at around 50 percent market share worldwide"

    No they're not. It's been a long time since IE has had that much of the market. Right now, even excluding mobile (where they barely exist), they're hovering around 25%, and slipping fast.

    1. That's why I leave the tech discussions to others.