Wednesday, November 28, 2012

These Open vagina ads crack me up

Oh, sorry if you came expecting something different. I meant to say "these vaginal moisturizer ads by Toronto creative shop Open are actually funny. And while many products have exploited the v-word in this Year of The Vagina, these ones are actually kind of appropriate.

Check out this one:


As Adfreak's Rebecca Cullers explains, this is a very different campaign than all those horrible douche, whitening and tightening ones, because the product is actually useful:
...there will be no feminist outcry here. The product is well positioned, the copy is sassy and targeted at older women who are quite familiar with the suggestion that age has rendered them sexually inadequate. In fact, I'd say Damiva has a perpetual market so long as it's easier to buy a pill than to explain to your "honey" what constitutes adequate foreplay. But before all the pre-menopausal women in the house go hog wild trying to relive the carefree, lubricated days of their youth, know that Mae by Damiva is not compatible with latex condoms.
I'd love to know if this was the work of a female creative team. Anyone?

Original tip via Adrants 


  1. Credits from the AdFreak story:
    Project Lead: Anne Ngo
    Writers: Kate Thorneloe, Claire deMarco
    Writer (French): Laurent Prud'Homme
    Art Director, Designer: Jessica Carter
    Mac Artist: Dwain Jones