Friday, November 2, 2012

This ad is so gay

Via Adrants

And isn't that wonderful?

Red Hook, a beer brewed in Washington and New Hampshire, has come out in favour of marriage equality in the run-up to next Tuesday's election in the United States. Americans in Maine, Maryland and Washington will also have the opportunity to vote for equal marriage amendments, and Minnesota voters have a "traditional marriage" one to consider.

This year's massively-polarized political climate has several brands to "take sides" on LGBT issues, including Oreo, Target, Gap and JC Penney flying the rainbow flag, and Chick-fil-A becoming an accidental shibboleth for the anti-equality movement. And Marriott International, an organization that "once counted Mitt Romney as a corporate board member" and whose owner "is among the candidate's top donors," is (ironically?) targeting lesbian couples in its advertising.

Adrants' Steve Hall points out:
It's always a gamble when a brand takes a stand on such polarizing issues. At risk is the loss of business from one end of the spectrum or the other. But it's admirable when a brand is brave enough to publicly share its collective beliefs.
It is great. Although I'm not sure a microbrewery is taking much of a risk in appealing to a more progressive audience.

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