Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Crate & Barrel asks forgiveness for "beggar" wallet

Adfreak reports that this dreadful "Lucky Beggar Wallet" has been pulled from Crate & Barrel with the  apology, "We made a bad decision when we purchased this product". (The original designer is still selling it.)

The homeless have been the target of quite a bit of high-profile ridicule this year. There was that time when fashionistas found it amusing to pose with a street person for a photo op during NY Fashion Week. And let's not forget the high-larious video premiered at Justin Timberlake's wedding. And the guy who was gifted footwear by an NYPD officer, who ended up becoming an internet punching bag when he didn't keep wearing them. Oh yeah, and "hobojacketing" is a thing now.

In context, this is just the tip of a very ugly iceberg.

The designer of the iconic NYC coffee cup it's based on died just a couple of years ago. The design is now owned by Solo Cup. I wonder what they think of this?

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