Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Egg brand wants you to "get locally laid"

Being a product of the reproductive process, eggs are a natural fit with sexually suggestive marketing. Or are they?

Consumerist's Mary Beth Quirk implants her tongue firmly in her cheek as she writes, "So you know how like, women are sometimes referred to as 'chicks,' and then also so are baby chickens? Well someone has finally had the marketing smarts to unite the two in what is a pretty chuckle-worthy company identity. Of course that company sells eggs that are 'locally laid.' Get it?"

Yes. I do get it. If you go to this Minnesota company's site, you are treated to even more punnery:

Whether you find it clever or stupid, the good news is that the company is actually a small, sustainable, family operation. Jason Amundsen, who gave himself the title "Head Clucker" is the dad in a family of four who claims he was inspired by Michael Pollan’s Omnivore’s Dilemma and environmentalist farmer Joel Salatin.

His wife, Lucie Amundsen, calls herself "Marketing Chick" and she "promises never to use the term “Eggs-cellent” in any Locally Laid promotional material." 

The puns may be brutal, but the eggs sound pretty good.


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  2. Hi Ethical Adman,

    I'm the Marketing Chick for Locally Laid and thanks for the shout out. The eggs really are "pretty good" given that our birds exercise outside making for a healthier chicken and healthier egg with less fat and cholesterol and more of the good stuff.

    I hear ya - our company name is a double entendre, but it's a solid one. It truly describes our unique product. Nothing forced there and we deserve some credit for that.

    And, Mr. E. A, I honestly say this with a smile in my voice. If when it gets -35 on our brutally bare Northern Minnesota pastures and our water lines are frozen, the tractor is a fouled with cold and we're staving off fox, wolves, raccoons and all other manner of predators -- if during these hard times our name, in the least bit, makes us smile while we create absolutely real food for our neighbors-- then I think it's okay.

    We absolutely believe in our product and that Local Chicks are Better - better for the environment, better for your health.

    I hope you have a nice day in your clean, dry office space (I really do, we're a happy lot here). I'm off to feed and water 3,000 hens, hand collect eggs, then wash & pack a few hundred dozen. We won't make a lot of money today, but I know I'll have done something good in the world.

    Come out and see us sometimes, and be well,

    Lucie Amundsen
    Locally Laid's Marketing Chick