Tuesday, February 19, 2013

iTunes censors Nick Cave's new album cover

See that? It's the new Nick Cave album. It has a naked lady on it.

Here's how it appears on Apple's iTunes site and app:

That's right. Censored for your safety.

It's not the first time. When I bought Daniel Lanois' second solo album from iTunes, they used the "American" version of the cover with the famous Jan Saudek nude's nipples covered by lettering.

Oddly, however, if you go back and look for other famously banned/censored album covers, iTunes is not so prudish.

Here's Roxy Music:

Even last year's Bat For Lashes release gets to go au naturel:

Granted, the Blind Faith album with the topless adolescent girl is not even on iTunes, and Virgin Killer by The Scorpions uses the non-creepy version of the cover. But what the hell, Apple? Why are you so concerned about some examples of artsy nudity and not some others?

BONUS: This ad has been following me around the internets all day, mocking me:

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  1. Nice post, thanks.

    I wondered about this too, wondered if maybe I needed to book an eye doctor appt as I squinted at my iPhone during Jubilee Street.