Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Long-separated breasts reunited in French push-up bra ad

Everyone knows European ads show lots of bare breasts. But these are the weirdest ones I've seen in some time. Created by Marcel Paris and Publicis Espana for Valege Lingerie they show anthropomorphized boobs having a bunch of squishy reunions:

According to AdFreak, the ads were directed by "J.A.C.K." of Wanda Productions. They're certainly playful, but humanizing the "breast friends" creates all kinds of weirdness — especially with the nipple "squint" in the airport ad.

It's pretty harmless, and very French. Although as AdFreak's Tim Nudd points out, "It's not generally assumed that breasts enjoy being squashed together in a push-up bra."


  1. "The most disturbing part for me was when the nipple "blinked" in the airport one", Tom Megginson.

    Gosh, I wish you would shut up. I'd take these short cute spots any day over the stupid boring Victoria's Secret spots.