Friday, February 15, 2013

Vajamas #FdAdFriday

"So Soft, We Couldn’t Name Them Anything Else," says novelty company Betabrand:

Why are Vajamas so soft? Because they're made with 100% Vagisoft. And just how soft is Vagisoft? Let us explain: 
Once upon a time, the world of tactile technology was satisfied with “soft as a baby’s bottom” as the measure of absolute softness. Anyone who dared name something “softer than” the aforementioned infant’s posterior was suggesting a theoretical world of soft that existed beyond anything man could conceive. 
Then Betabrand researchers invented the Tactile Soft-O-Meter®, a device that can detect and compare the density of softrons, the subatomic units of softness. Using this newfound knowledge, they were able to create pants so ineffably comfy, test subjects had to be removed from them with the Jaws of Life!
I'm not sure if the designer is tragically oversexed, or has severe mommy issues. It's difficult to tell.

This user comment, however, rules:
The vagisoft pockets of my Reversible Disco Jacket are so alluring that I often find myself sharing them with multiple partners, two or three at a time. Given the hugely increased volume of these pants, I'm excited by the possibility of introducing a whole gang of friends to the warmth and comfort of vagisoft!

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