Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Why is Hooters going after Chipotle?

Arby's talking trash about Subway I can understand. They're both fast food. But why is Hooters — a sit-down, full-service bar and restaurant — comparing itself to Chipotle?

The new campaign, by Skiver Advertising, doesn't have much more to it than the gross-out burrito scene. The rest is just typical chain restaurant product shots (and by "product" I mean both food and branded waitstaff) with happy mixed groups of target audience having conspicuous fun.

As Eater summarizes:
The burrito place is gray, dirty, and full of disgusting, gloppy food; Hooters, on the other hand, features servers that are literally beaming sunshine from behind their Farrah Fawcett-waves, and there are lots of boobs. And also salads, you know, for the ladies.
Why even bother? It's like The Olive Garden saying that it's more like a restaurant than McDonald's. So what? Totally different categories. Plus, in the realm of ethical restaurants, Chipotle rules while Hooters drools.

The other ad, which seems of lower production quality, compares hooters to a sports bar full of overenthusiastic (and, I can't help but note, overweight) fans.

I thought Hooters was a sports bar. I guess the implication is Hooters is for thinner people. #stepintoawesome indeed...

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