Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Bowie sells Sony the best jingle it will ever have

For years, David Bowie has been making good use of his 1977 techno hit, "Sound and Vision" to promote his own retrospective products. But finally, a consumer technology company has realized it's probably the best jingle they could ever have:

The classic song is remixed into a haunting nostalgia by by Sonjay Prabhakar, as retro visuals show us how iconic Sony products have been part of people's lives for generations. (No idea why the '70s roller girl has a late-80s Walkman, but anyway...) It's all to position their new Xperia Z smartphone as "the best of Sony in a smartphone".

And no, I can't blame Bowie for selling out. He was "selling out" before I was even born.

Tip via Adrants


  1. I remember when Bowie was one of those "Coffee Achievers" from tv ads from the early 80's; clips included Kurt Vonnegut, the rock group Heart, and Cicely Tyson.