Thursday, March 14, 2013

Hijacking Katy Perry's breasts for a cause? is one of the many causes I follow on Facebook. They're a pretty in-your-face LGBT advocacy group, originally formed to fight California's homophobic Prop 8 with joyful profanity.

I was a little disappointed at this tactic, however.

The topless pic was nicked from a 2010 photoshoot by Yu Tsai for Esquire UK.

The Facebook post reads:

KATY PERRY: "I am a gay activist & I say that proudly. I voted no on Prop 8, of course. I definitely believe in equality."
♥ 10% Off "STR8 Against H8" & "Chicks Marry Chicks" Tees, Tanks & Hoodies w/ Code "LOVE" @"LIKE" the Cause on FB
Here's the thing. FCKH8 are fighting the good fight. But using other people's work — and other people's likenesses — without permission is not cool. Especially when you're using their sexuality to sell your own t-shirts.

Second, using a woman's breasts to get attention is not exactly progressive marketing. Even if she says she's an ally.

You can do better, folks. You're too big for this.

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