Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Dove launches another powerful campaign about body image

Via Marketing
I've had mixed feelings about Dove's various "real beauty" campaigns, but this new one by Ogilvy Toronto is pretty solid. It's also very, very depressing.

Via Marketing

The campaign press release claims that "6 in 10 girls have quit sports and activities that can play a major role in their future development, because of how they felt about their looks."

It includes this quote from Dove V.P. of Marketing, Sharon MacLeod:

"Women across Canada have more power than they realize to shape a positive future for the girls in their lives. We want to help them realize that girls want them to play this role and to empower them by giving them the tools to start this dialogue today."


  1. Another powerful campaign? I'm sorry what was the previous powerful campaign they did? You don't see through their hypocrisy? And you call yourself an ethical adman. Read this, though I am sure you already know about it:


    So of course, the girls will feel bad about their bodies. Maybe Unilever can feature some of these girls in its Lynx/ Axe commercials.

    1. Click the "mixed feelings" link in the text. I am well aware of Unilever's hypocrisy. Creatively, this is still a powerful campaign.

    2. So what was the previous "powerful" campaign they did? I cannot think of any.

    3. Evolution was extremely powerful. The Photoshop one was also very good.

  2. I like this. I think it's great.