Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Humans don't look like fashion illustrations

This campaign by "Star Models" seems like spec work by Brazilian agency Revolution, but it makes an interesting point.

I have long pondered the problem of models being photo-manipulated in fashion spreads. I realize that Photoshop makes these unreal images look far too real and attainable, but I am constantly reminded of the fact that traditional fashion illustration, dating back to the mid-20th Century, was also completely unrealistic.

By manipulating models to really look like fashion illustrations, the creative team manages to show just how unhealthy those body aspirations are.

 It's likely inspired by projects such as popular speculations about what a Barbie doll would look like "in real life" as well as by the real-life tragedy of anorexic model Isabelle Caro.

This message is important, especially with all of the "pro-ana" and "thigh gap" nonsense being spread around the internet. Without a call-to-action or any other evidence that this is a client-approved campaign, however, I have to wonder why the agency didn't just do it under their own brand.

Via Ads of The World


  1. I feel this is a real campaign. Not a ghost.

    1. I want it to be. Is there a contact or web site for the client?

  2. Awesome, but designers have to remember to check their filenames before putting them online:


    1. Yes, those are the original filenames. (I didn't change them, but I did silently observe the awkwardness.)

  3. It's easily explainable - Look at who (for the most part) inspires these fashion trends for women. Ehem, not women. Compare with a woman like Zoe Mozert who really knows how beautiful real women can be.

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