Monday, April 29, 2013

This 40-year-old PSA will start your week off with a "WTF"?

If this woman looks familiar, don't be surprised. It's Joanna Cassidy, aka Zhora the Replicant from Blade Runner, aka Dolores from Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, aka Margaret from Six Feet Under.

Back in 1973, she was known from a couple of cop films, but not well enough to be named in this Ad Council PSA about forest fires. Instead, her sultry delivery seems to be a generic play on the "sex sells" cliché with a bizarre surprise ending:

Interesting that sex in advertising was already a target for parody forty years ago. And yet many advertisers continue to use women's sexuality to deliver unrelated messages to us with no irony at all.

Via Smokey Bear's YouTube channel.

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