Saturday, April 27, 2013

Rape culture attacks famed anti-rape campaign

Sexual Assault Voices Edmonton (SAVE) has earned lots of attention and praise for creating a hard-hitting campaign against sexual assault that puts the blame on rapists, not their victims.

So of course some internet dickwads decided to "parody" it with the victim-blaming message that continues to be the status quo:

I saw this screencapped on the STFU, Conservatives Tumblr, screencapped from some "joke" Facebook page. The call-to-action is A Voice For Men, an anti-feminism site that claims men are being victimized by campaigns like SAVE's.

The discussion about consent still has a long way to go.

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  1. The "Just because you regret it doesn't mean it was rape" poster implies that some women support blaming INNOCENT victim for rape. No, we do not support criminals. We don't support rapists and we sure as hell don't support criminals who falsely accuse others of crimes they didn't commit. This poster mocks us all. There are people who accuse others of rape falsely. That is true. Those people are CRIMINALS. No one supports them! The only time they are supported is by other criminals or people who didn't know they were lying! Everyone feels 100% bad for ANYONE accused of a crime they didn't commit.

    It's still a common consensus among some that women who pass out drunk or asleep deserve to get raped and the guy having sex with her is not fully at fault if at all, criminal mastermind or not. Not everyone feels 100% bad for rape victims.

    That is one of the differences.