Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Iggy sells out again, this time in Spain

My old (well, not that old!) friend Rachel, who lives in Spain, sent me this latest cynical commercialization of the Godfather of Punk:

It's sort of a Pulp Fiction-meets-Repo Man-meets-Iggy's own sense of self-deprecation thing. Not exactly epic, like his stunt withn Orcon Broadband, but at least not as embarrassing as his insurance ads.

But who am I to complain? The man needs his retirement fund. He can't go running around with the new Stooges lineup forever...


  1. Old enough to know who Iggy Pop is, it would seem. (Hmmm, Pop... Schweppes...)

  2. "Iggy Pop's not dead. He toured last year!"