Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Does anyone else find the new Kraft peanut butter bears a little creepy?

Via Kraft Canada

This morning, I happened upon a group of colleagues scrutinizing a jar of Kraft peanut butter. As ad people, we are overly sensitive to changes in branding.

Consensus? Creepy. "It looks like they're looking at you through a peephole" said one.

"They remind me of Pedobear" was my contribution.

"What?" was the response?

So I had to school these innocent young women in the dark ways of the internet. 

"Pedobear" is a really gross and disturbing internet meme popular with people who find pedophilia jokes amusing. It's characterized as a cartoon bear (above) that sexually attacks children. 

Meanwhile, the teddy bears on Kraft peanut butter jars have been part of fond Canadian childhood memories for generations.


Damn you, internet...

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