Thursday, June 20, 2013

No, this is not a "real" Russian Tampax ad

This nasty little clip, which is making the viral rounds of HuffPo, LiveLeak, etc., is not a "Russian Tampax Ad". According to its own YouTube "about" section, it's a promotional video for the bizarre mess known as "Movie 43".

Not to say that admen are above using the "shark week" gag for a Tampax ad:

Leo Burnett France, circa 2007 (via AOTW)


  1. The picture at the top of the page looks like a person who would not find a lot of funny things funny.

  2. Isn't "Ethical Adman" an oxymoron? The introduction is not finished and he's already lied. LOL

    1. "lied"?!?

      I need to ask Copyranter to take his troll back.

  3. It wouldn't have surprise me if it was Russian advert. We do terrible terrible things too often to be good