Friday, June 21, 2013

Is Miley's ode to MDMA the best anti-drug PSA ever?

"Molly" is the powdered or crystal form of MDMA, a more potent form of ecstasy.

Effects include...

Increased feelings of intimacy:



Altered perceptions:

Positive basic mood:


Loss of thought or body control:


And thought disorder:

In other words, kids, "Just Say No".

Stills via Vice.


  1. Yeah, so, I think your take on this as an anti-drug PSA is really showing your age, Tom. The lyrics in this song provide a very powerful, life-style-affirming message to the kind of young adults who would be likely to do Molly or E.

    "It's our song, we can sing if we want to. It's my mouth, I can say what I want to."

    "Don't take nothin' from nobody."

    Looks like they're havin' fun, havin' sex, bein' sexy, breakin' the rules, and not takin' nothin' from nobody. Sex, drugs and autotuning, baby. This is livin' large in the 21st century.

    Yeah, if I was a dumb teenager, I'd want that too.

    1. Hey Earl. Thanks for commenting!

      I was really just making fun of Miley's excesses. (I tend to do less serious posts on Fridays.) :)