Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Canada Day rebranded as "Moving Day" for Best Buy in Quebec

That was the flyer those of us in the RoC ("Rest-of-Canada") got for last weekend's holiday sale. But if you live in Quebec, you got one of these:

National advertisers are often told that Canadian patriotism doesn't sell as well in Quebec, especially among those who see the province's founding European-descended population as a unique and separate nation. But the big electronics retailer may have failed to understand that this kind of anti-Canada strategy — especially on the one day when most Canadians are fiercely proud of themselves — tends to enrage federalists everywhere.

You can enjoy the PR meltdown on their Facebook page. Here are some highlights (that didn't involve anti-French trolling):

Their French web site, by the way, has this:

Danielle Jang, spokeswoman for Best Buy, gave this hilarious response to CBC News:
"Like every year, we feel it is important to recognize the Moving Day holiday in Quebec because it is a significant day in this market and it's the only place in Canada where this happens. We want to celebrate and recognize this as an important day."


Tip via Consumerist (because I was too busy celebrating... errr... "Moving Day"... to keep up with the local news.)


  1. Have you ever lived in Quebec? I have... Moving Day makes much more sense.

    1. I haven't. But I am in Montreal regularly for work.

      The problem isn't that they "localized" the ad, necessarily. That's typical strategy. But for an American brand to do it in a medium in which it could be shared outside of a very targeted Quebec nationalist target audience was a major fail.

  2. So have I. Why two versions of the same flyer? Quebec doesn't deserve a Canada day? Last I looked Quebec was still very much a part of Canada.