Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Israel: Come for the culture, stay for the group sex?

I never really associated Israel as a place to get one's freak on. But apparently, I've been missing out on Tel Aviv's "24-hour" party culture. Which apparently includes MFM threesomes in the shower:

The video is the latest provocation from Size Doesn't Matter, "a cutting-edge social media experience that includes videos, an interactive website and promotional give-aways... aimed at highlighting the multitude of Israel’s accomplishments and contributions in a new, fun and attractive way"

An outreach of Canada's Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs, SDM is trying to attract a target audience of young Canadians with an interest in Israel. They previously raised eyebrows with this 2010 video, which is one, drawn-out, awkward oral sex gag:

The new threesome video, according to the Jewish Tribune, annoyed Canadian rabbis who were exposed to it:
“I would have hoped that even supposed secular Tel Aviv had greater appeal than a shower and a threesome,” said Rabbi Mordecai Zeitz of Montreal’s Congregation Beth Tikvah Ahavat Shalom Nusach Hoari. “It’s unfortunate that we are afraid to market our true essence, especially as part of what the rest of the world considers the Holy Land.” 
“I think they want to promote that it’s an open society but there are other ways of doing that,” said Rabbi Philip Scheim of Toronto’s Beth David B’nai Israel Beth Am Synagogue. “You don’t want people coming to Israel for sex and that’s almost what it’s suggesting. It’s the ultimate trivialization of the Zionist dream and bordering on the extremely offensive.” 
Rabbi Scheim described the video as “soft porn” and added, “This is a very poor use of communal funds. This is not what Jews fought and dreamed for over the centuries; this is not what we fought to achieve or dreamt to achieve or prayed to achieve.”
I can certainly see a generation gap here. Both videos are mostly harmless, even though they're juvenile and not at all strategic. My guess is that they're the work of young creatives who haven't grown out of the inevitable "SEX! Now that I have your attention" phase.

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