Wednesday, July 10, 2013

"Don't Be That Guy" campaign gets parodied by some asshole(s)

"Don't Be That Guy", a male-focussed anti-rape campaign by Sexual Assault Voices Edmonton, gained international attention and started a lot of discussions about rape culture. So of course it offended some guys who feel that they are under constant danger of having drunk women throw themselves at them just for the fun of accusing them of rape:

According to The National Post, these parody posters started showing up on an Edmonton university campus this week.

Kristopher Wells, from the University of Alberta’s Institute for Sexual Minority Studies and Services, nailed it when he said “That poster just shows why there’s a need for the (Don’t Be That Guy) campaign and the education work that still needs to happen if people still think that’s a joke or a funny parody.”

Parody, even when unfunny, is proof of the real campaign's success in changing the conversation from "don't get raped" to "don't rape". But there's obviously a long way still to go.

On their Facebook page, Sexual Assault Voices of Edmonton commented, "Let's hope this is a teachable moment that takes the conversation even further and helps folks understand that people don't lie about sexual assault."

UPDATE: CBC reports that "Men's Rights Edmonton" is responsible. It's a web site belonging to a smarmy young guy named Eric Duckman, who has a history of piggybacking his message on other people's campaigns.


  1. Remember the "No Means No" campaign at Queen's? (say...1986?) and the backlash (SO bad)from "No Means Yes", all the way to "No Means Kick her in The Teeth" ? It made an impression on me. The result was I never wanted to be at Queen's, associated with Queen's or give them a penny of my money. They're lucky my parents are more forgiving.

    1. I do remember that. Sad to see how little things have changed.

  2. I don't think it's a parody, I think it'S a valuable message. What is your problem